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Preventive care appointments are recommended every six months for most patients. Our experienced and professional hygienists will examine your teeth and gums for cavities, plaque and gum disease. Diagnostic digital x-rays will be taken when needed and you will have your teeth cleaned. Another important part of your preventive care appointment is am oral cancer examination.  Updating your medical history helps us relate your dental health to your overall health.

When we say “Your Teeth – Your Health – Our Commitment” we mean exactly that. Many people do not realize how their dental health affects their overall health. Our hygienists are very perceptive when they see changes in a patient’s mouth. Stress, poor diet and lack of sleep can affect a patient’s oral and overall health. These factors usually cause changes in brushing and flossing habits. This often leads to bad breath, bleeding gums, periodontal (gum) disease and will compromise your immune system. 

When the mouth is unhealthy other areas of a person’s overall health can be affected as well. Numerous studies have shown that heart health issues (stroke and heart attack) and diabetes are related to poor oral health.

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“Dental problems usually start small and continue to get worse as time goes by, like a pothole in the road or a crack in a windshield. Six month preventive care appointments allow us to treat many dental problems early before they become more serious.”