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Root Canal

Millions of teeth are treated and saved with root canals every year, relieving pain and making teeth healthy again. Root canals are effective in treating a damaged or diseased tooth. 

The need for a root canal is due to infection in your tooth. The level of infection in the tooth leads to your pain. The pain may subside but will return as long as the infection remains. Treatment is necessary as soon as possible to alleviate future discomfort.

With recent advances and technology, a root canal is very similar to a routine filling. You will be smiling and chewing with ease soon.

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Saving your tooth with a root canal has several advantages:

  • Natural appearance (no missing tooth)
  • Mormal chewing
  • Protects other teeth from excessive wear or strain
  • Prevents loss of a natural tooth and protects the integrity of the adjacent teeth

Root canals help you maintain your natural smile and help you eat the foods you love. It prevents the need for future dental treatment such as a bridge or implant to replace the missing tooth. With proper care, most teeth that have had a root canal can last a lifetime.