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Your First Visit

Getting To Know Each Other

We will listen to your concerns and goals.

Dental Emergency Appointment

If you are having an immediate and specific dental problem, your initial visit will be an emergency appointment. An examination and diagnostic digital x-rays are necessary to determine the best dental treatment for you. After assessing the situation, Dr. Fitterling and Dr. Kirk will make treatment recommendations.   

Initial Evaluation Appointment

If you want your teeth cleaned, have a dental concern or you are a person looking for a dental home, we recommend an initial evaluation appointment. 

Dr. Fitterling, Dr. Kirk, and one of our Registered Dental Hygienists will do a thorough examination of your teeth and gums.  An important part of this appointment is taking digital x-rays, a panoramic x-ray and photos. The hygienist will also do an oral cancer screening examination. Usually at this appointment, a professional teeth cleaning is done. This appointment gives us the opportunity to see a picture of your total dental health.   

We listen to your concerns and goals for your teeth. We will make recommendations that will help you have healthy teeth and gums and a smile you are proud to share with others.

Consultation Appointment

Dr. Fitterling and Dr. Kirk reviews your x-rays and information and writes a personalized plan with treatment recommendations and options. Patients return for a no-charge consultation with one of our team member who will discuss and answer your questions so you can determine how you want to proceed with your dental treatment.

“This is the most amazing dental office. They care so much about their patients and the staff is the friendliest I’ve ever experienced from any medical office. I always get outstanding dental treatment and know my family is in good hands! Thank you Dr. Fitterling and Joplin Family Dental for taking great care of us.” Brad & Melinda G.